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Your financial advisor should be a partner to your organization, offering the skills and resources that give you confidence in your financial planning decisions, and allowing you to dedicate yourself to your mission.

Your Nonprofit Organization’s Partnership for Success

Managing a nonprofit organization presents many significant challenges:

  • Having the funds to accomplish your mission now and into the future.
  • Engaging your board to take on leadership responsibilities and propel the organization to the next stage of development.
  • Raising awareness of what you do for those who you serve and the community around you.
  • Holding on to your valuable, hard-working staff.
  • Planning that is long-term and strategic.

Our Approach: It’s Simple

A focused vision, a plan for managing funds and an informed and educated board and finance committee are important factors in developing and maintaining a strong and sustainable organization.
With these dynamics in mind, a partnership with Fragasso is structured around three critical pieces:

  • Planning
  • Management
  • Communication

We are a fiduciary partner with you and your board to coordinate planning in accordance with a clear investment policy statement and spending guidelines, asset management that is flexible enough to help your organization meet its mission and goals but tempered enough to do so without excessive risk, and communication through presentations to your board, customized reports and third-party audited statements. We can meet with you as little or as often as you want. We can run and review reports with you as often as needed. Because we are fee-based, these services are part of what we do at no additional cost to you.
Each of these components helps drive success and ensure the best possible client experience for your organization.

The Value of Partnering with Fragasso

Our nonprofit partners achieve their mission and work towards strategic goals with Fragasso’s help as together we keep the organization’s priorities and investment funds in harmony. You may think other firms do this too. So, what makes us different?

1 Unbiased Guidance

As a registered investment advisor, we provide independent guidance. We do not make any proprietary or commission-based recommendations.
(Registration does not imply a certain level of skill or training, nor any regulatory endorsement or approval of our investment advisory services.)

2 Fiduciary Responsibility

We serve as a fiduciary partner to our nonprofit clients. We have an obligation to always act in our clients’ best interests.

3 Customized Investments

Our in-house portfolio management team drives the investment selection by screening investments and customizing platforms specific to each client’s needs.

4 The Fragasso Client Experience

Our client experience is our brand of service that allows us to offer each client a highly professional and personalized experience while maintaining the highest standard for quality.

What Is Next for Your Organization?

If our approach to personalized, holistic financial planning and wealth management that is free from investment bias sounds good to you, then now is the time to take the next steps for your organization.

So, what should you expect?

After learning more about our firm and financial planning philosophy, we feel confident you will be ready to set up a more formal meeting. At that time, we can have an in-depth conversation with you that will frame your goals into concrete and actionable objectives.

Does Your Plan Check Out?

Here are five questions that should help you determine whether your organization’s current financial planning structure is the right fit for your strategic goals.

  1. Is your advisor a fiduciary?
  2. Do you have an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and does your advisor review it with you regularly?
  3. Is your advisor compensated with a fee or commissions?
  4. Will your advisor put his/her commitment to service in writing?
  5. Do you feel confident your advisor can present to your boards and committees?

If you are unsure of the answers to any of these questions, contact us today.

Nonprofit Investment Advisors Staff

Our Nonprofit Investment Advisors staff has worked both with and for nonprofits, as board members, investment advisor and even executive director. When we say our staff understands your challenges, we mean it. Every person who serves a nonprofit is crucial to its success. There is no room for inefficiency. That is why we take our role as a fiduciary partner so very seriously. It is our responsibility to ensure you are able to focus your efforts on accomplishing your mission rather than on figuring out if your organization’s portfolio is structured properly.

Find out how our approach can help you pursue your financial goals!

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