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Portfolio Management

Fragasso’s Portfolio Management Department is a team of seasoned professionals that establishes allocation guidelines and provides asset class recommendations to help build our clients’ customized portfolio solutions. The team also produces market analysis, commentary and special reports on the global economy for our clients.

In-House Portfolio Management

Many firms are structured so that the advisor is responsible for choosing an asset allocation for the client. On the surface, this may seem like a reasonable model. Who better to make portfolio decisions than the advisor, who knows the client’s goals and financial plan?

When you begin to consider that some advisors are compensated with commissions tied to proprietary products, you quickly realize that there is an inherent conflict of interest when one person who is managing your plan is also managing your portfolio. Setting that aside, what happens if that one person retires or gets sick? Who is watching over your investments?

At Fragasso, we have an eight-person, in-house Portfolio Management Department, which means your portfolio receives the benefit of our ongoing management and attention. Your advisor is focused on your long-term goals and financial plan with the backing of a credentialed team of portfolio management professionals. An in-house portfolio management team also means your asset management priorities are better aligned with the ultimate allocation implementation.

Everyone Deserves Financial Security

Our basic investment philosophy is rooted in knowing our clients and their goals. Your advisor works with you to uncover your life goals and create your unique Investment Policy Statement and Guidelines, a document that details your investment goals and objectives and sets the strategy for your portfolio management.

The portfolio management team then selects appropriate investments through quantitative and qualitative research and blends the selected investments to achieve an appropriate risk/return profile for your goals and risk comfort.

Your portfolio receives the benefit of our ongoing management, including quarterly rebalancing to your original asset allocation model. We are there to steer your portfolio toward its unique objectives and to avoid the pitfalls of inattention. Many financial advisors only review accounts and make portfolio adjustments when they are scheduled to meet with a client. We proactively review and adjust to how markets may impact attainment of client goals on a continuous basis.

Because financial markets do not wait for an annual review!

Find out how our approach can help you pursue your financial goals!

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